The 100 Things List

Things I want to try before I die. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Part of this list was inspired by Chip Huyen, who is a writer and computer scientist from Vietnam and currently works in NVIDIA.

  1. Graduate with Ph.D.
  2. Visit South Pole
  3. See northern lights
  4. Get married
  5. Live in a foreign country
  6. Drive in Canada
  7. Diving
  8. Publish a paper in top conference/journal
  9. Fly an airplane
  10. Contribute a Python package
  11. Eat at a three Michelin star restaurant
  12. Sleep in a tent
  13. African safari
  14. Participate IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad)
  15. Go to space
  16. Visit Mount Fuji
  17. Swim in the Dead Sea
  18. Skydiving
  19. Climb Mount Everest
  20. Explore the Statue of Liberty
  21. Watch The International (Dota 2 tournament)
  22. Try Cruise
  23. Change careers
  24. Own an organic farm
  25. Camping in Yosemite
  26. Scream at a concert
  27. Visit Disneyland
  28. Visit Googleplex
  29. Meet with Zhou Erke
  30. Be awesome